'Show Dates and News'

show: May 23, PA’s Lounge

27 Apr 2006 by The Hyphens

That’s a Tuesday, uh-huh. Our first full set at PA’s Lounge. 21+, $7, with The Tasty Habits and Jazz Requirement.
Will we have new tunes to lay on ya? You bet your sweet bippie.

Hear the Hyphens on AltrokRadio

26 Apr 2006 by The Hyphens

Our song “Turn it Up” is currently in rotation at Altrok Radio, an internet radio station that’s part of the Live 365 network.

In addition to the Hyphens, they play that old-school punk we love — Clash, Jam, Ramones, etc. — and plenty of that nouveau post-punk/new wave that the hep kids dig nowadays.

Sandinista! Part 1

11 Apr 2006 by Doug

We’re one of the last acts to join Jimmy Guterman’s Sandinista Project — 2 of the album’s 36 tracks were still unassigned. (Our producer’s band, The Blizzard of 78 nabbed the last one.) I think it really says something about The Clash that so many will jump at a chance to pay our respects, even if it means playing one of the lesser tracks on one of their lesser albums. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sandinista! dearly. But it’s not, you know, London Calling.

We have a crazy schedule to meet a tight deadline: Last night the stringed instruments got together to play our tune together for the first time and figure out the arrangement. I’m psyched with what we came up with — it’s not a radical re-interpretation, but we did Hyphenate it a l’il bit.

We rehearse again over the weekend and, uh, write the horn charts. Monday we go in for a tracking session, and we’re gonna mix real quick-like, possibly the following Monday.

show: May 4, Kirkland Cafe

28 Mar 2006 by The Hyphens

Yep, it’s another Thursday night at the Kirkland. Come be the guinea pigs for help us road test some new tunes!