Apr 2007

Sandinista Project available for pre-order

16 Apr 2007 by The Hyphens

Sandinista Project cover art
update: Now available to Pre-order from Amazon

In case you need a reminder, we contributed a track to this song-by-song tribute to the Clash’s longest album. So did Blizzard of ‘78 (our producer/guru Chris Cugini’s band) and a whole lot of other folks.

Two Farewells

11 Apr 2007 by The Hyphens

After almost 40 years, the Kirkland Cafe is closing its doors as new ownership takes over in June. The Kirkland Cafe was always
very supportive of The Hyphens (and many other bands), and we’re saddened by the loss.

Booker Mickey Bliss is putting together a two-night “Memorial Meltdown,” and we’re proud to be part of an excellent bill with Radio Knives, The Coffin Lids, Red Invasion, and many more. We’re on Saturday May 26th, at 10pm.

The Hyphens will play this show as a trio, as John Skinner is no longer with the band. We wish John well in his future endeavors, musical and otherwise.