well, that was interesting

25 Jun 2006 11:31 by Doug

Our first night at Dee Dee’s Lounge was kinda crazy. Some band the night before had apparently dismantled the PA. The sound reinforcement person at the club knew how to run it but not how to put it together. Deprogrammer Mike and I tried to get it going without success — it acted like all the channels in were muted, except they weren’t. Sound came out of the board into the mains, but nothing going into the board came back out. Whatev.

We finally came up with the idea of using my bass head as a power amp, and rigged up a way to get a mic input into it. This worked better than it should have.

Since my amp was pressed into PA service, Mike lent me his rig, and we tore through a set with no monitors and no backing vox. A weird but fun show.

I enjoyed Deprogrammer. We both had a Misfits song in our set, and I definitely heard a lot of Misfits influence in their originals. I like playing with bands that are more punk than we are.

Lame Excuse was a no-show. I guess, they, uh, had some lame excuse.

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