Sandinista! Part 1

11 Apr 2006 08:22 by Doug

We’re one of the last acts to join Jimmy Guterman’s Sandinista Project — 2 of the album’s 36 tracks were still unassigned. (Our producer’s band, The Blizzard of 78 nabbed the last one.) I think it really says something about The Clash that so many will jump at a chance to pay our respects, even if it means playing one of the lesser tracks on one of their lesser albums. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sandinista! dearly. But it’s not, you know, London Calling.

We have a crazy schedule to meet a tight deadline: Last night the stringed instruments got together to play our tune together for the first time and figure out the arrangement. I’m psyched with what we came up with — it’s not a radical re-interpretation, but we did Hyphenate it a l’il bit.

We rehearse again over the weekend and, uh, write the horn charts. Monday we go in for a tracking session, and we’re gonna mix real quick-like, possibly the following Monday.

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